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Monitor Archive for December 5, 2005

Can your bank withstand a natural disaster?
Let 'Tookie' live for the good he's doing
Drone said to have killed Al Qaeda's No. 3
On trial: the safety of Taser stun guns
Sorry, but I don't speak Glaswegian
World hunger: The solution starts with respect
A makeshift hunt for IEDs in Iraq
Major Hong Kong protest
Next year's economy: The forecast brightens
Fit to be tied, again
Israel's best hope for peace
A soldier's doodling bridges the distance for a mom's heart
Reporters on the Job
For 13 evacuees, a hard trip down memory lane
Meet Washington's adorable VIP (very important panda)
Monogamy is good - and good for you
More Iraqis look to vote secular Dec. 15
British Conservatives' rising star
Backstory: How to control a herd of wild elephants
The price of tranquility in an underdeveloped Mexican lagoon
Life unfolds in Christmas cards
December decor
'Flux': Save your bucks
A Week's Worth