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Monitor Archive for December 29, 2005

2006 economy looks solid
Ten websites you shouldn't miss
90 years later, Peru battles Yale over Incan artifacts
Americans split on feds listening in
Icebreakers - on thin ice
Reading this editorial is a test, of sorts
In the land of Oz, there are no small roles
Israeli-Palestinian skirmishes take to the air
Matters of faith
Nationalism drives China, Japan apart
Iraq's micro parties could play key role
Why energy prices are cooling off
Europe must embrace true free speech
Backstory: The art of survival
War and disasters aside, 2005 brought world progress
Looking for a spouse?
Reporters on the Job
Earn more, learn more
Oops, I thought I was raising the curtain
New England towns aim to keep out restaurant chains
A politician who takes risks
Physicists keep faith in constants
More cooks say 'blog app├ętit!'
At the table, public unions do better