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Monitor Archive for December 2, 2005

A culture of bribery in Congress
Tubegazing: Sleeper Cell
What Penelope was up to when Odysseus was out
How Murtha's call to exit Iraq plays back home
One Kenyan man's mission: free Africa from yoke of aid
A long road to reopen New Orleans companies
Kazakh opposition cries foul
Iraqi rebels again seizing foreigners
Moving into East Jerusalem
Backstory: Toying with the patience of parents
A drought of farm labor
Douglas Holtz-Eakin
You've got (movies in the) mail
Movie Guide
Tapping in triplicate
Expand the pro-choice dialogue
US military presence in Paraguay irks neighbors
Prayer for a transparent government
Art town, USA
US stand poses hurdle at environmental talks
Cultural insight lies in spare change
On the greenway, beware of the Bulldogs
Backstory: 'Til halftime do us part
Book a room with 'Mrs. Palfrey'
Monitor picks
A reverse course can bring success
Courage on display down life's slopes
For a stronger America, tell the truth
Quite a commute
Reporters on the Job