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Monitor Archive for December 19, 2005

Is 'Googlezon' in our future?
Swiss annuities: A long way to go for tax advantages
Investors speak out on free speech
Let voters fix a gerrymander
A Week's Worth
Protect our electronics against EMP attack
A change of tune to start the day
Morales looks past election day
Vote propels militant Hamas
A big wave of mini-hydro projects
Sen. Chuck Hagel
Congress pushes back, hard, against Bush
What torture does to torturers
Corruption's quiet erosion of democracy
Worker shortage besets a buzzing New Orleans
On a fixed income?
A treasure awaits me inside an old cookbook
California clash: tuition for illegal immigrants
'Twas the Lights Before Christmas
Next in Iraq: coalition-building
How to explain a mini-planet's odd orbit?
Backstory: Eggnog, Mr. President?
Aceh's next generation
Fed chairmen and the scary mask
Reporters on the Job