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Monitor Archive for November 17, 2005

It's happening in November
Has hidden advertising gone too far?
'Treason' rises in Africa
To protect New Orleans, go Dutch
A cautionary picture of water supplies as Earth warms
Iraqi torture practices could be more widespread
Tom Davis
On war, Senate flexes muscle
November Music
Katrina's silver lining: school reform
Not all Muslims want to integrate
Save Pakistan from 'donor fatigue'
Cooing at the universe's baby pictures
Forgiveness that comes naturally
Will cold-weather history repeat itself?
Baseball takes lead on drug testing
States to motorists: Keep clear of police on roadsides
After the disaster
The one with the coldest feet wins
Chávez roils Mexico's presidential race
US advocates for jailed Syrian
Toy guns, a burned taxi, and daily life in Baghdad
Chinese build a high-tech army within an army
Backstory: Bearology in grizzly detail
Reporters on the Job
A city's legacy of peace-seeking endures