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Monitor Archive for November 10, 2005

Cat Comfort
Leaks about CIA prisons overseas spark fury
Election '05 gives Democrats hope
What happened to the first Arnold?
City voters speak, and they want competence
Throw practicality to the (cold) wind: Mazda's MX-5
Cautious protest in Azerbaijan
DVD Guide
If only kids were as easy to raise as dogs
Qatar opens doors to first church in 14 centuries
Monitor Picks
A theme park for the Holy Land?
Out West, private claims to public land could grow
California goes back to square one
Noteworthy CDs
New pressure on 'big oil'
US military rape case tests Philippine president
Updating 'Pride' for 2005
Movie Guide
Dedication is visible among new soldiers
Anthrax whodunit: Is it a cold case file?
Europe needs its immigrants
I'm supposed to love myself?
Business & Finance
Reporters on the Job
A new window into Wyeth
Heroic journey
Egypt holds a more-transparent vote
Signs of Al Qaeda in deadly Jordan attacks
Knightley, in shining amour
Former NFL star is back in the running
How do you spell 'dysfunction'?
Danish editor tests right to violate Muslim taboos