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Monitor Archive for October 18, 2005

Calling all young poets
N.Y. streets aren't that mean, latest crime figures show
Truly a murder most foul
The spoiling of war
How India's nuclear secrecy hampers earthquake detection
West Bank: the new militant focus?
Poetry for a world of unknown listeners
As shelters close, trailer towns open for storm evacuees
Costumes of choice for 2005's trick-or-treaters
Iraq's Kurds get moment of closure on eve of Hussein trial
Trim the mortgage-interest deduction
Mao: the ugly reality behind an icon
9/11 was good for the Muslim world
As energy prices soar, a city finds ways to cut the cost
God protects you
Business & Finance
High court contains federal RICO powers
The dirt on baseball
Teenage symphonies, 3 minutes long
A writer's journey through grief
China's secretive military
The latest investor in green energy - the CIA
Suddenly, 'it's my kind of town'
A welcome surprise: war waning globally
Reporters on the Job