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Monitor Archive for October 12, 2005

Energy independence requires a multifaceted approach
Emerging supporter of Harriet Miers: businesses
Used books start to shake off their second-class image
Merkel's misguided modesty
Kindness and shelter in time of need
From abroad, challenges to US role as top innovator
The rise of the 'redneck' stirs up country music
Homeland Security's extreme makeover
A smooth ride through Churchill's life
Returning to God moment by moment
The accent of Katrina's diaspora
Business & Finance
Reporters on the Job
Now you know
New Orleans: new visions
Many big visions for new Big Easy
In Ethiopia, honoring the witnesses
To get to the concert, help the neighborhood
The rise of Africa's women politicians
Why EU, Iran still far apart over nukes
Iraq's little-read charter evokes strong views
Taliban play hide-and-seek with US troops
Key to quake aid: choppers
How computer maps will help the poor