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Monitor Archive for August 31, 2004

Business & Finance
Laura Bush: from reserved to a rising star
Greek women lead Olympics to success
Protesters, most peaceful, stream through Manhattan
The man behind the Al Qaeda network
Philosophy: hot major at two-year college
Knock, knock: It's Houston's new truancy gambit
I love my school 'family' - except when I don't
Darfur Needs More Than Words
Palestinians take back the night in Ramallah
California controversy: gold rush into casinos
At the RNC, it's all in the bag
Athens Wins a Laurel
Harry Potter for adults
GOP to play Bush's likability card
Redefining 'black'
Does the state have a right to monitor?
No longer an action hero, but a potent force
Melting snow with my fingertips
Reporters on the Job
Sudan's key ties at the UN
Should the state make life-or-death medical decisions?
Immigrants' children ace sciences
A confusing convention - GOP 'surrounded by the enemy'
Striving to solve history's mysteries
Africa takes tough stand on coups
Bestselling books nobody's read yet
Spotted in England: men reading ... and talking about it