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Monitor Archive for August 19, 2004

Charting an Education Course
Oil's new high may persist
For Iraqi and Afghan Olympians, victory is just being there
Hurricane survivors: Stay or go?
All shook up
As my life expands, my pockets fill
Hizbullah reelects its leader
Persevering with hope for Iraq
Kerry shifts right on security
After Charley, a better crystal ball
Business & Finance
Our most vulnerable citizens don't belong in hurricane danger zones
Democrats can 'do better' on abortion
British say US gave terror suspects a heads up
Reporters on the Job
In hot pursuit of polluters
Is it cyber-flirting or cyber-betrayal?
Stopping the 'Natasha' Trade
Exit exams yield a 'graduation gap'
Some kind of inspiration
Global warming's surprising fallout
Besieging holy sites: past lessons
Want safer buildings? Use 'smart' bricks.
A jazz picture is worth a thousand memories
Even after hype, Games still deliver surprises
'Frankenfish' and the hunt for invasive species
Russian civil rights groups see threat in Putin oversight