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Monitor Archive for July 9, 2004

Movie Guide
'Conventional' wisdom: Still true after 9/11?
CIA weathers cycle of accusation - fair or not
What are we going to call these people? (Round 2)
Flowers on the sidewalk
Warmer tone on China from Taiwan
A land-lubber gets a taste of the sea
The UN's 'priest of the world'
The quiet ascent of Justice Stevens
Unlikely heroes of the box office: The Frat Pack
What happens when a church goes bankrupt
Andrew Kohut
New center to promote studies of effects of prayer
Knights of the round fable
Reporters on the Job
Fun while you wait for your food
With winds of war, don't you feel a draft?
What Seurat left out of 'La Grande Jatte'
In Olympic track, whispers of drugs cast a fog of doubt
Camp Brando: where little loners can be contenders
Iran and Israel: Chain Reaction
Painting the sublime, with documentary detail
Israeli outposts still growing
Another CEO in handcuffs
Business & Finance
Russian dance in the shadow of Balanchine
Is paid leave near for all US workers?