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Monitor Archive for April 9, 2004

Clintonizing Kerry
Will masters triumph again at the Masters?
US options in dealing with a widening war
Listening to Condi
Film's Grimm future
Support eroding for Bush on Iraq
If pigeons could giggle, these would
Tune out the television, tune in to children
Business & Finance
On stand, Rice strikes back
New from overseas: shock and philosophy
Movie Guide
Mounting violence overseas unnerves Wall Street
Religious book sales show a miraculous rise
Immigration reform would help warm Mexicans to US 'melting pot'
France and its Little Prince
Gibson's movie unlikely box-office hit in Arab world
What never dies
Reporters on the Job
Up in the air
Journalism 101: Naming Names
Tuning in: On TV this week
The Cheshire cat continues to appear
Rwanda bucks blind obedience
In Iraq, a 'perfect storm'
Time to dust off the 'Q-word' for Iraq?
Libraries that loan Picassos, not Grishams
Forget the Alamo, please