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Monitor Archive for April 20, 2004

Will others follow Spain to the exit?
At court: terror-war detentions
Illegal Aliens and Local Police
Bestselling hardcover poetry books
A high-tech affair at India's polls
A daring driver veers out of control in this collection
My God is better than your God
Redemption found after great loss
Business & Finance
Life after Columbine
Five years after Columbine, the insecurity lingers
All the months are cruelest for a poet's helper
Politics returns to campuses
Lessons for US from a Shiite uprising in Lebanon
Tough US tactics quell Fallujah unrest, but at what cost?
Third-party threat: It's not just Nader
One man's crusade against outsourcing American jobs
The problem with Iraq: Is it faulty US perception?
You are always with God
Reporters on the Job
Cleaning Off a Tarred UN
On bass lakes, turning a rite of spring into race for a record
A city passionate about 9/11 hearings
How to deal with rejection
Kids get together to save our seas
Poems that commune with all things
Ralph Nader
Changing the landscape of verse