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Monitor Archive for March 5, 2004

Baseball's Drug-Testing Error
Beyond Disney: rising investor clout
From urban blight to community revival
US marines clean up, to Haitians' relief - and chagrin
International crackdown deals blow to Indian rebels
Che chic
Shower power
Revisiting the Holocaust
In age of outsourcing, do the old rules apply?
Business & Finance
Wily 'Fox' gets new life
Edison scores a much-needed victory
You have the right to snicker
One man's pilgrimage
US speaks softly to Pakistan, carries big 'get Osama' stick
90 million people can dull a cutting edge
Lamenting a vote for the electable guy
'To triumph in Christ'
North Korea Waits for Kerry
Who defines the word 'marriage'?
Texas begs for teachers - with or without credentials
The dog who cries wolf (and pigeon)
Tuning in: On TV this week.
A general of nuance and candor
Jim Nussle
Soldier one moment, peacekeeper the next
Movie Guide
As life looks bleaker, suicide bombers get younger
Reporters on the Job
Stewart convicted on all counts