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Monitor Archive for February 18, 2004

Decency on TV
New job: Lay minister, no Greek required
Food: his passion, his science
Haitian rebels reach into the past for reinforcements
A channel surfer heads in to the beach
A snowbird looks back on many journeys
And the veep speculating begins ...
Business & Finance
A-Rod deal stokes Boston-New York rivalry
The end of the world
A heart to know God
Reporters on the Job
Justice watch: Keeping an eye on the law
Russia's Mountain of WMD
Reform primaries - include more voters
Four football players, three life lessons
Sudan's refugees wait and hope
Among Iran's hard-liners, little respect for reform-minded
Why the US fall election may be tart
Cultural exchanges open doors and minds
US election plan in Iraq founders
Oklahoma City: Is another trial worth its grief?
Richard Perle
That's life
Not a chance
War on terror is also a war on drug traffic
Holy men share their wisdom