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Monitor Archive for December 31, 2004

Race against time for largest aid effort ever
Now you know
Unbuttoning the Clothes Trade
Sealing off the past with love
Tuning in: On TV this week.
We are community, and membership has its privileges
Bowl games: Minnows swim with the sharks
Political pitfalls of a Japanese war shrine
A battle over sale of violent video games
Knowledge - or wisdom - found in the words of others
We shared the language of laughter
At tsunami's ground zero, finding family amid destruction
Business & Finance
No 'Cell Yell' on Planes, Please
Beach Boys' vibes echo on Broadway
Cities crack down on New Year's Eve revelry
The end of Uganda's mystic rebel?
Reporters on the Job
Near quake's epicenter, a race to limit devastation
Illustrators get their day in the gallery
Musharraf solidifies powerful post
A rare success in peacemaking
The Inca, Maya, and - Cahokian?
Lessons learned from catastrophe
Creatures of the forest inspire his charming books