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Monitor Archive for December 27, 2004

In search of a socially responsible credit card without big bank ties
A Week's Worth
Tents, s'mores, and a laptop: parks go online
Foreign Aid With a Carrot
Hamas gains grassroots edge
Major tsunami thrashes SE Asia
Is your car spying on you?
Bush aims high, faces more foes
Even the cowboy boot now sports 'Made in China'
When bullets fly, some firms swoop in
Palestinian elections: chance for a model democracy
Favorite figures of speech
California, home of 'beat' poets, seeks official bard
One man's retirement math: Social Security wins
Even on election day, 'Orange' rebels remain
Be happy with what you have
Savoring visual cuisine
Business & Finance
Reporters on the Job
Fast enemies slowly became fast friends
Tsunamis Need Not Take Lives
Cruncher vs. buncher: our family boxing match
US Latinas seek answers in Islam
Battle over recess appointments
In Ghana, a different kind of 'casual Friday'