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Monitor Archive for December 17, 2004

New target market for Mexico's resorts: Mexican-Americans
Football's Isaac Newton, rewriting history
Click-On Libraries
Jordan's new female workforce
CNN special delves into the two Marys
Pop culture sizes up the weight issue
Business & Finance
Merry-go-round for art lovers
Shoppers starting late this season
Movie Guide
Write-in mayoral bid has fresh hope
Blinkered by the 'Christian' in Christmas?
Now you know
Wanted: Mideast Conference
Why should it be impossible?
Reporters on the Job
Why we're still chicken on 'Kyiv'
Women in China finally making a great leap forward
When Beauty Isn't Truth
The embers I remember
Africa fights AIDS with girl power
A new round in poisonous game
The rising tab for US war effort
DiCaprio soars in 'The Aviator'
Bittersweet borders of friendship
Eastwood's 'Million Dollar Baby' towers over other year-end movies