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Monitor Archive for November 9, 2004

Arctic Decapping
An Arctic alert on global warming
Palestinian unrest about Arafat puts Lebanon on alert
Fables for our time
Why Kerry lost - a theory of relativity
James Carville, Bob Shrum, and Stan Greenberg
When fasting finishes, Egypt turns to soaps
Business & Finance
In quest for an MBA, Americans cross the Atlantic
The groves of Sodom and Gomorrah U.
Rate hikes as a sign of financial pep
Money lessons from a year on the campaign
Pack journalism: Seen from two sides, darkly
When financial push comes to shove
Volcano 'cowboys' who ride a ring of fire
Reporters on the Job
Germany, 15 Years After the Wall
In Texas, a stand to teach 'abstinence only' in sex ed
Crazy theories that turned out to be true
Marines enter trip-wired Fallujah
US, Africa team up to help Darfur
The world William Faulkner forged
Chalk Talk
Go Midwest, young man!
A close-up story of faith in practice
US tests new tactics in urban warfare
College credit for real life in India
On Nov. 2, many of these students flunked