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Monitor Archive for October 27, 2004

Palestinian grievances behind Egypt attack
All Aboard High-Speed Rail
Why I pull up a chair at sunset
One woman's quest to enjoy her dinner without guilt
Punishing the wealthy punishes us all
Business & Finance
'Cage-free' eggs: not all they're cracked up to be?
Behind the looming ballot clash
Hearing double
A historian's view of the changing 'California dream'
Social issues stir passions
Let liberty transform Palestinians, too
Antigay remarks spark EU row
Blessed, not cursed
Ken Mehlman
Ukraine's Big Decision
For a moment, Dylan played in our shadow
Trendy source of waste
Battle for the critical few
Task for next president: curb Iran's nuclear appetite
Media in Iraq see through a shrinking window
Born in America, adopted abroad
A rare glimpse into the world of 'white diamonds'
In Pakistan, tribal laws under fire
Reporters on the Job
Pakistan's disturbing nuclear trail