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Monitor Archive for January 9, 2004

Gay marriage: Clergy gear for amendment battle
Weak dollar's impact on Wall Street, consumers
Oh, the places he took us!
Definition of 'Jew' confronts Israel
Kurds' struggle intensifies ethnic conflict in Kirkuk
Business & Finance
Budgeting the future
Today's nature lover was yesterday's exhausted teen
Beijing asserts itself in Hong Kong's political fray
The new voices of black film
Following the nuclear trail
Note to self: Keep car stocked
When daddy is president
In war on poverty, early gains and a long stalemate
Movie Guide
Rembrandt's angels, and ours
EU letter-bomb probe focuses on Italian anarchists
Aileen: portrait of a serial killer
Reporters on the Job
Pete Rose feels better - but why don't we?
Now showing at the Pentagon ...
Before the computer bug, there was the type louse
Gerrymuddling in Texas
Tuning in: on TV this week
Once upon a time, California politics was all about Willie
Listening in on White House conversations
Bush Steers His Horse South
For Saudis, a hard fight over faith
When art and politics collide
In world's hot spots, forward steps
The 'Year of the car' - or was that truck?
Like father, like sons