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Monitor Archive for September 9, 2003

Iraq Is in the Details
Venezuela's new motto: power to the people
Bush stakes future on stable Iraq
How trade impacts US jobs and the war on terrorism
Business & Finance
This week's lesson plan: Try to make sense of 9/11
He crosses religious lines
Davis tweaks his image, but will it woo voters?
Control of creativity? Fashion's secret
'Miss Marple' of Botswana reflects growing pains
In Greece, bombings punctuate trial of terrorist group
Maverick teacher charts his rookie years
Beyond nine lives
Reporters on the Job
In cities, superintendents face 'an impossible job,' report finds
Russia's Muzzled Democracy
Why hiring languishes even as economy gains
For her, writing comes naturally
Europe balks at Iraq bailout
Journalism, she taught
What's new
Web Smarts
First test for new European army
A test case of GOP's education holy grail?
Al Qaeda's profile: slimmer but menacing