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Monitor Archive for September 29, 2003

Boots and bravado: probing a Texas identity
Saving Do-Not-Call Lists
Gourmet food and a helping hand
My past comes to life at a ballet revival
Senate digs into Iraq $87 billion
In politics, image is substance
Dirty wars cast shadow on virtues of Patriot Act
Sharia still wrenches Nigeria
Blackout in Italy underlines need for new power plants
Thank you, Mrs. King
Business & Finance
Ready, willing, and working
Reporters on the Job
Stray Uranium, Corralled
How to value an inherited stamp collection
For poor, hard times get harder
I sample the beautiful life of a Parisian
Coming to the grocery shelf: fair-trade food
Pressure to conform in west China
US eyes Israeli software as training tool for forces in Iraq
Iraqi schools battered, but opening
States reconsider drastic court cutbacks