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Monitor Archive for August 25, 2003

A tally of US taxpayers' tab for Iraq
An outlaw turns 100
Cleaner Skies, But How?
Why being 'all business' may leave Americans behind
For Afghan women: new regime, centuries-old barriers
Suddenly, I'm paddling among porpoises
Still wondering about eligibility for the child tax credit
World balks at growing Iraq perils
A drop in violent crime that's hard to explain
Recall race narrows as Bustamante gains steam
French disquiet at heat's toll
Election (and Arnold) captivate the world's press
Welfare reform: one size doesn't fit all
$2.10 a gallon?! How gas prices got so high
Remembering to rest in our nests
How judge's stand resonates in Bible Belt
Improving my time
Business & Finance
Point of View: My life as a wildlife photographer
Mars Becomes a Star
The cow that almost came to stay with us
Disaster jolts Brazil's space program
A surge in self-made electricity
Japan's military recruiting goes pop
Blacklisted by the bank
For Al Qaeda, Iraq may be the next battlefield
Reporters on the Job