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Monitor Archive for July 25, 2003

Tighter screening for America's city halls?
I'd like a dozen grindstones, please
In California, top spot is prestigious but punishing
The Monet of motor sports
Japan may expand troop role to aid in Iraq
Now it's right war, wrong reason
At the UN: a 'leaks, rust, and cracks' tour
Cambodia aims for calm poll
Director waits two years to walk red carpet
Straight from the horse racer's mouth
Me and my Iraqi alter ego
Thank you... Next!
9/11 report: Uber-agency would help prevent terror
'Tron' for the peanut-butter set
What's on TV
Lara Croft: Game Over
Accounting for Freddie Mac
Facing fear in any lions' den
Decidedly unhealthy for entrepreneurship
Business & Finance
The joys of winter in July
Europe's labor strikes: Last gasp before reform
Unsettling events overshadow Waco's image
Are you 'au courant' with foreign phrases?
Dry facts transformed in entertainment
Tuning Out the FCC
Prisoner release tests Mideast 'map'
The next big rebate from the IRS
War, terror, and poverty rob Iraq of bridegrooms
China, North Korea no longer close as 'lips and teeth'
California People's Power
The GI in Iraq: jack-of-all-trades
Movie Guide
Scenes from a first exhibition
'Seabiscuit' swerves off track
Made (over) in the USA
Reporters on the Job