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Monitor Archive for July 15, 2003

Islam's Internal Struggle
Afghan election planners get late start
Detention strains already tense US-Turkey relations
Latino vote in '04 is a big enchilada
Lottery isn't always a boon to schools
Business & Finance
West Point education attracts an unwitting fan
Recall heard 'round the country?
Rumsfeld to armed services: Can't we just all get along?
To some Iraqis, the Americans are heroes
Racial double standards and Dusty Baker's quip
Connoisseurs of the vacation
Too few good men
Love your career forward
Fellowship of the online gamers
Entrepreneurial drive revives in Silicon Valley
America's students improve in writing, at least in lower grades
Going round in circles
Brazil's leftist under fire from left
Reporters on the Job
US shifting guard duty to former Iraqi soldiers
What's new
Should they have known better? Well, yes and no.