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Monitor Archive for July 10, 2003

Turn off lights when you leave ... and arrive
The Eminent-Domain Game
Comedy of growing up unveiled
Grandpa's restful tribute
On Iran, US opts for peer pressure
Iraqis grapple with post-war radioactivity
Seeing-eye and navigation technologies mean more freedom for the blind
Business & Finance
The power of the pulpit
'Reading Rainbow' and its elusive pot of gold
Better UN than US administering Iraq
Capturing the Passion
The death of envy
Reporters on the Job
Hong Kong's rallies test China's 'two systems' policy
Is Fox a Lame Duck?
D-Day in Malibu: a battle for the beach
Adventures in fish-sitting, lessons in truth-telling
Worker alertness vital to stemming shop-floor violence
Fellowship of the exiles: a tale of writers' resilience
150 years of
Q&A: A fresh glance at China's foreign policy
Oh, give me a home where the lava runs free
Files show a stubborn North Korea
No longer lost in translation
Solo on a life built for two
Blair-BBC row deepens in Britain
Muslim news and views coming to a channel near you
Starlings overstay their welcome
One assumption too many?