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Monitor Archive for May 20, 2003

A soldier's day: bugs, heat, and no shower
When a Penny Is a Nickel
One grad's trash is another's treasure
Lebanon targets Islamic radicals
Not their fathers' Cuban-American politics
Shell shock: Turtle trapping faces a ban
'Hey, private, give me 50 brushstrokes'
An uncommon proposal
Why Britain rains on its own Iraq parade
Want a friend?
The book report bounces back
Business & Finance
Student diversity through busing: Not as easy as it sounded
SE Asia tries 'shock and awe'
Distinguishing Democrats
The dollar falls, and Treasury stands aside
The man chosen to bridge Army-Pentagon gap
Meet the man inside Big Bird
In the shadow of Hussein's mosque, parties blossom
Religion-free zone?
When the going gets rough
As occupiers, Brits bring experience
What's new
Web Smarts
Reporters on the Job