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Monitor Archive for May 2, 2003

Friendliest of borders now tinged with tension
My sister, my friend
Hollywood overboard?
Missionaries bring aid, controversy to Kashmir
Syria trip tests Powell's vision for 'let's talk' diplomacy
Business & Finance
Tenderness and tension captured on canvas
Something in the way he sings
US makes two major Mideast moves
Democracy, a social-engineering feat
A Kumbaya kind of loya jirga
Moments of euphoria as troops return
In bid to halt digital piracy, anything goes
Being director Malkovich
What's on TV
Iraqi teen shares her diary of war
'X-Men 2': And now for the main course
Let the rebuilding begin
Iraq's other disarmament challenge: small arms
Spain to Morocco's child migrants: Go home
'Mr. Rogers' of news gets edgy
Reporters on the Job
Queen Noor
Patriot Act is needed, but so are revisions
Seconds before earthquakes, an early-warning system
'Worumbo!' was the cry of natives and newcomers
Nigerian oil under siege
The US-Israeli Parallax
Assailed by US rhetoric, Syria circles its wagons
Bush's verbal tightrope: success, not 'victory'
She doodles, paints, even does needlepoint
Springing for Art
Walking with Cavemen
Movie Guide
Quiet films with a lot to say