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Monitor Archive for April 7, 2003

How investors can divert their (meager) dividends to help others
Life off-duty
If only my sense of smell could make cents
Tension builds over postwar plans
L.A. fault line has geologists quaking
Business & Finance
How the US plans to take control of Baghdad
Can the Spam
Daley draws fire for being 'autocratic' in airport flap
How one farmer fund manager ekes out gains
When war stirs a slumbering market
A psalm of peace - for everyone
A man I can trust
Tough times call for strong parents
Chaos and denial in Baghdad
Wheel-life catastrophe
Smoke, and State Mirrors
On West Bank, fear of 'dangerous precedent'
Wambaw Creek
Troops gird for muzzle-to-muzzle combat
North Korea's pattern of escalation on hold - for now
War views meld old Arab nationalism, new Islamism
From SRI funds, a more sophisticated tack
Tax questions on dividends, IRAs, and truck-stop meals
Friendly fire hits northern front
Shuffled Off in Buffalo
Fed-up fund-watchers confront a rise in fees
Writing home
Reporters on the Job
With war raging, art exhibits offer a respite
Sleep could wait