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Monitor Archive for April 16, 2003

Castro Shows His Colors
Comfort food still on front burner
'Tis the season to rebuild, and reconsider
Economy staggers, but war may still buoy Bush
Some troops head home, but more must stay in Iraq
Seriously, Syria
To cheer or not to cheer
Hussein leaves questions about Iraq's missing billions in his wake
Iraq war as a blueprint for next one
Business & Finance
City improvement: Banishing litter
Top Kurdish leader assesses the costs of war
Kosovo village's lessons for Iraq
The aid effort: Can catastrophe be averted?
City improvement: Planting trees
Layoffs, freedom, and purpose
Reporters on the Job
Everything I need to know I learned from Omar Vizquel
Terrorism kept at bay - for now
Iraqi defeat jolts Russian military
Bush's debt to Blair pushes US in right direction
First glimpse of Iraq's new power brokers
Baghdad's unexploded bombs
Rebuilding hope - block by block - in the face of war
The history of Ur