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Monitor Archive for February 12, 2003

Delighted to be unpresidential
A change in plans leads to two surprise endings
South Carolina's flag controversy unfurls
Colombia peace talks rattled in wake of bomb blast
Little farms on the prairie bow to a Wal-Mart era
In war, what is the 'nearest right'?
Business & Finance
How a famous musician learned a new tune
War against Iraq: questions and answers
Use of force in Korea is tricky proposition
'All that jazz'
'Harlem 1958'
2003 Oscar race: And the winner is ... women in film
Reporters on the Job
To NASA: Bring in the drones
Roles on Iraq may reshape NATO
Congress set to launch a NASA overhaul
I take my pen in hand
Respect Germany's Caution
Cambodia keeps lid on dark past
On the trail of true love
Closing Campaign Loopholes
When Cupid keeps missing
Australians protest efforts to enlist them in antiterror fight
So they're a little obsessed with history
Aid groups face dilemma
Recipe for romance: hot chocolate
Affirmative action, Texas style, stirs criticism
It used to stand for operator. Now '0' means, Oh, I'm stuck in another automated phone system maze.