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Monitor Archive for November 4, 2003

Plumbing the anti-Bush sentiment
Vote 'challengers' in Kentucky raise hackles - and specter of racism
Business & Finance
Turning the page on Iraq's history
California's search for wildfire solutions
Worshiping the state in school
Columbine dominates Europe's concept of US
The talking lunch box
When you get to the end, keep going
Reporters on the Job
In Taliban territory, GI Janes give Afghans a different view
Mutual Trust
The three R's - Reading, writing, and Rigoletto
Stacking the decks
A race to show progress in Iraq
Scarlet A for 'anonymity'
Sabotage still clogs Iraq's oil
The history of an art form as it let loose
A battle over books in Texas
In Japan, never give a lady a sweaty candidate
Kenya's rural growth pits man against beast
Afghanistan's Philadelphia
NAFTA's shop-floor impact
A gay bishop, and a revolt in some pews
A look at the National Book Awards nominees/ Nonfiction
Afghan Constitution debuts