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Monitor Archive for November 19, 2003

Schwarzenegger's New Idea
Landmark ruling on gay marriage
Aid worker's murder tarnishes Afghan province
In praise of the prolate spheroid
Fix the budget. Compromise. Use your fame.
Business & Finance
A horror story for an elite: Stephen King takes prize
The end of the line for customer patience
The meaning in the 'message'
Is anyone actually hearing what Bush is saying?
Government priorities shift away from tortured POWs
Europe continues struggle against rising anti-Semitism
Higher expectations for Iraq
Reporters on the Job
Happy trails
The Moment for Medicare Reform
'Getting to yes' diminished energy bill
Justice watch
New York butchers talk turkey
Major shift in Medicare principles
Land of the indoor beach party
The costly hope that he'll hit it big
Key Shiites soften tone toward US
Turkish Jews search for answers
What is the value of a life?