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Monitor Archive for January 7, 2003

Kidspace: It's feeding time at the San Diego Zoo
High-tech hot wheels: 2003's concept cars
Teacher quality lags in poorer schools
It's not too early to prepare for the '04 race
El Salvador targets smugglers who transport children
New York's top cop: beat officer at heart
Join me as I spy on my wild critters
Not a rubber-stamp Congress
House's formidable odd couple
A retiree's tips on teaching English abroad
'Friendly fire' deaths vex the US military
Law lessons for Afghan police
Husk eating
Business & Finance
I climb to new heights in the Andes
Abrupt halt to Mideast diplomacy
Reporters on the Job
Free trade helps a tiny African country - with a price
After 50-year fight, women get the gavel
In the one space that wasn't frozen
'Smart Guns' are Safer Guns
US ads miss mark, Muslims say
Education innovators make their mark
Time to take stock of innovation
A Bomb's Echoes
Charter schools build on a decade of experimentation
Politics just doesn't get it
On trip to Sweden, pipe dreams come true for organ students
Hats off to a steadfast squirrel