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Monitor Archive for August 20, 2002

When the tests fail
Russia's newest tie to Iraq
How fires may forge truce in 'timber wars'
The US, Egypt, and Rights
Dick Cheney's powerful veep voice
The Palestinians' fiscal fighter
Business & Finance
The well-connected
Spies: CIA tries to make 'em like they used to
In rural areas, the four-day school week is growing in popularity
Toward people-friendly diamonds
Amid cries of grade inflation, C's still abound
Saved from suicide
Reporters on the Job
Homegrown Security
Can a trillion-dollar lawsuit stop Saudi terror-cash flow?
Spreading the 'truth' about the consequences of smoking
Homeless kids steered into regular schools
How do animals catch their zzz's?
What if they shut down city hall and nothing happened?
A scientific approach ... to the humanities
What's new
Crow girls' winning science project is not the last straw
Web smarts
In Mideast, a little land for a little peace
Even in democracy, Nigerian politics a battle of 'strongmen'
Voyagers pass 25-year mark, en route for interstellar space