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Monitor Archive for July 3, 2002

Keep your cool
Potato salads worth celebrating
Counsel of a humbler sort
Seeking more seekers
Afghan Salang Pass: Enter at your own risk
Paths to Patriotism: A college student
A kinder, gentler America still prevails
Business & Finance
Bush's critics find it hard to make inroads
United we stood in 1942
You've got mail – and a surprise traffic ticket
Into thin air with lipstick
On July 4, watchful revelry
Paths to patriotism
Paths to Patriotism: A Marine recruit
The job search
How many Enrons are there? More than people may think.
Cutoffs to one, home to some
Around the world in 14 days – goaded by glory
Reporters on the Job
A new kind of patriotism
Snack foods tap into Americans' hunger for patriotism
Friendly fire deaths divide US and Afghanistan
Avoiding a Water War
One Chinese lawyer's crusade
What to wear in Australia? A trendy beanie, of course
Patriotism blooms in a fresh, fragrant way
Smaller splash for Web awards
Don't slander your parrot
Long-term US strategy emerges out of Philippines
Paths to Patriotism: A young immigrant
A Thoughtful Fourth
Once the Internet connection is always on, life will never be the same
Just a little less litigation, please
Paths to Patriotism: A country boy