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Monitor Archive for July 18, 2002

Europe hit by fall of US dollar
A day without romance is like a day without sunshine
Buying into spontaneity
Judging the judges
Show US mettle in Pakistan
My dream of chickens comes home to roost
Green buildings bloom around the US
The unequal AIDS burden
Monitor Breakfast
Crises create a political whiplash
Can marriage be taught?
To stay or not to stay
A stronger link between degrees and dollars
Tough task: advancing the debate over cloning embryos
Business & Finance
His eyes have gotten too big for our kitchen
Wanted: Someone to look up to
Reporters on the job
Native trackers: 'secret weapon' in drug war
Teen magazines: Fewer fashion tips, more worldly fare
Island fog
'New' US global role pits unilateralism against cooperation
'Sorry' as a Starting Point
Unlocking the storm code
Raising Lower Manhattan
Inside the bipartisan corporate crackdown
Eavesdropping on the ocean's gossip
Once a rebel, now a reformer
A South African rite of passage: tradition or abuse?
A life made large by war
IRA apology: Some cry opportunism, some dry tears