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Monitor Archive for July 16, 2002

In Maine, vouchers still illegal
Core concerns
Library stacks? No, that's my office.
Is Israel Only a Jewish State?
A 'new' Gore? Remember the 'new' Nixon
More news shows put hosts on soapboxes
Need a mate? In Singapore, ask the government
Business & Finance
GOP foray into Spanish TV: savvy or pandering?
Congress reasserts itself as economy falters
The gifts of a Kennedy father
What's New
How do you get to be important?
New duds?
Reporters on the Job
Is it the test-takers – or the test?
Hiring Nonteachers to Teach
Egypt fights terror with imams and newsprint
Lindh guilty plea useful for precedents not set
How new words come to be
Why donors hesitate to give aid
If it's Thursday, this must be UNC
Popular reform draws mixed reviews
Web Smarts
An effort to make for-profit tutoring a little more affordable
Blacks and Indians clash over divisive Zulu song
Shoring up a fragile Afghanistan