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Monitor Archive for May 22, 2002

Religious tension hangs heavy in sacred Hindu city
Lessons learned by an urban visionary
How Israel builds its fifth column
'Mompreneurs': raising children while running a business
Kick off the grilling season with versatile kebabs
Come on down! You've just won ... a job
In Israel, distress signals from Ethiopians
The Money-Politics Firewall
Local officials shoulder terror-threat burden
Congress sees lode of flaws in mining law
Business & Finance
Whatever it takes
Tax revenues vanish as firms move from US to Bermuda
Summer school – despite rising role – faces major cuts
Web Smarts
A presidential 'road not taken' ... yet
New homes for old books
On the edge of peace in the heart of Africa
Available now on eBay: A sort of love
SOS – Save Our Summers
Attention, book readers: slow down
Reporters on the Job
Our children are 'gifted' – smarter and more advanced than your kids. Or are they?
Megan's Laws in the Balance
We were fluent in a silent speech
Sierra Leone's troubling stones
Calling Castro's bluff