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Monitor Archive for May 2, 2002

A daughter's unusual revenge
Homeland Security as Sport
Border mystery: 274 murders in nine years
The Senate's most powerful man ever
A foreign bond that unites us
Israeli mood turns more hostile
In Illinois, Ryan takes on Ryan
The end of poverty?
Business & Finance
Venetians should start learning the backstroke
Teachers battle for book choice
Deliberative Senate – now deliberative to a fault?
No to anti-Arab bigotry
Why Latin Americans see a US hand behind every coup
Prayer for all nations
Everybody's talking at me
Amid riots, some cross a religious divide
Keep the Pentagon Green
Our actions and outlook spoke for us
Rook taken by crook
Reporters on the Job
Indonesian cleric fights for a Muslim state
No land, no home, no refuge from pain
Black bears hold on across N. America
Wider mission stretches military
Karzai fires first salvo at power of Afghan warlords
Bethlehem tales of life under fire
Five good reasons to dine al fresco in May