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Monitor Archive for April 5, 2002

Argentines look for new leaders
What's on TV
Bush prods Mideast antagonists
Rice genes offer grains of hope for hungry
Al Qaeda's village lifeline
From Britain to Bosnia, Pakistani's anti-US hatred grew
Shifting sands of US foreign policy
Business & Finance
Who'll win? Look for the best pitching
A book that speaks to me at every age
Putting dreams on film – cheap
Love, Silicon Valley style, returns to earth
Memo to Hollywood: Retire 'Big Trouble'
Outsiders are finally in
Finding the path to peace
Tricky science of predicting asteroid collisions
Reporters on the Job
'Shackleton': filming a feat of endurance
Pressure mounts for Sharon to arrive at endgame
Sex abuse spans spectrum of churches
Why a terrorist might not get far in Maine
Two films get makeovers for Broadway
Our mop-pushing heroes
Toward a Better Head Start
Movie Guide
Women: 'the male gaze'
Bush as a Lonely Solomon
French films explore intimacy, family life, and escaping routine
In rural South Africa, 'hippos' carry the load