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Monitor Archive for April 25, 2002

A School Lesson in Maryland
This is the Book Sense(TM) poetry book list
A leafy meeting helps me grow in grace
Palestinians have firm goal, fuzzy plan
An architect collaborates with sunlight, wind, and water
Poet Laureate promotes 'events for the ear'
One vision of church's future
Stabilize South America
A thousand points of hype
A bid to legislate love splits a New England town
Germany ramps up legislation
The best-laid plans
Business & Finance
Boutique to Wall Street: Feds monitor books
Michael Ayrton's metaphorical trees, and his roots
When to Pay for Land 'Takings'
For Israel's peace flank, dwindling ranks
Week's rail wrecks fuel safety concerns
From a key observer of life: a plea to save biodiversity
Balancing family and work at the White House
New York City's animal kingdom, wild and tame
Civil liberties,human rights
First book thrills
Reporters on the Job
Another 'Bill' in court: But this time, eyes glaze over
Gods that witness, but don't intervene
Divers delight in former stew of waste
India watches quietly as communal riots intensify