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Monitor Archive for April 17, 2002

Fill in the gaps in homeland security
In two northern outposts, 'ice curtain' thaws
Syria reaffirms role as volatile barrier to Mideast peace
Powell gains measured in inches
Instant Runoffs? Go Slow
An island of calm in a sea of hostility
Arabs seize 'Jenin' as rallying cry
Am I making a difference?
High court allows virtual-child pornography
Say 'no' to overpackaging
Business & Finance
Today's athletes, it seems, only ripen with age
Mideast crisis dents Bush's record-high approval ratings
Couscous boils over in France
Edge of spring
More money for parents
Work, marriage, and April 15th
The value of each small step
Reporters on the Job
Philly's New Street Smarts
In Alabama, prisoners fight being shackled
An uncanny way to clean up
I'm the Taxman
The mixed bag of community recycling
Still in conflict, Israel marks 54 years of independence
Do you still have a job? Check your voice mail
New identities for recycled products
PopCult Magazine
France's angry young Muslims
South Africans divided over apartheid-era case