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Monitor Archive for March 27, 2002

Elite Air Force scouts brave friendly fire, runaway horses
Illicit drug use grows among the elderly
We uncover a plot against good grammar
We ponder the meaning of 'pond'
When eating becomes an adventure
Want a slower way to travel? Learn to canoe
Tribal ties bind Afghan Army
In Japan, life without children is savored with guilt
Arab summit sets scene for Beirut's postwar renewal
In court: fight over House seat
Business & Finance
Leaving a mark by not leaving anything
Porn Filters on Library PCs
Aren't they grand! Exploring the Tetons
Prayers for Africa
Unseasonably fun
War against terror needs more than guns
Curbing TV Liquor Ads
Reporters on the Job
Where the birds are: Nebraska offers a peek at cranes in the Plains
Why gas prices take a big jump
Sosa, Bonds prepare to reshuffle list of all-time sluggers
Summit plummet: a bicycle trip for you
Legal war on terror lacks weapons
Despite threats, Guatemalan scientists dig for the truth
Public-housing evictions over drugs upheld
Finding joy in jaws – diving with sharks
US and Europe's mutual malaise
A mighty Aphrodite to rival the Colossus of Rhodes
A Singapore surprise: tropical camping