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Monitor Archive for March 18, 2002

Mid-career move: answering a call to coach
Reporters on the Job
Keeping Track: prices at the pump
Mugabe embarks on rebuilding
Dealers stay in driver's seat
Celebrating women's achievements
Foreigners targeted in Pakistan attack
As US envoy visits, Mideast struggles
Poll: Investors predict modest portfolio growth, but hedge with fixed-income accounts
Globetrotters circle toward home
Why child abuse goes unreported
Deals you'd be wise to delete
Finally, a vote on epic Silicon Valley deal
Entertaining guests and new technology
A black police chief where Mississippi burned
Business & Finance
Turner's sun rises again in US
Some basic strategies for (safely) sending your money overseas
Women step up hunt for financial advice
Fighting tradition, girls yearn to learn
Zimbabwe's stolen election – South Africa's big test
A sector that's raising the roof
Fraud from abroad
In the pipeline
Ex-Clintonites crowd ballots across US
INS reaches for high-tech silver bullet
Market Monitor
Looking through the trees for a tax deduction
Steel saga: tallying real costs of protectionist moves
Hoop-Jumping Foreign Aid
Al Qaeda plotted new US attacks
U-Turn on Tobacco?
Sharing sadza and warm conversation with the Zimbabwean people
US, Mexico laud 'new era' in antidrug war