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Monitor Archive for February 26, 2002

The Games were great. Now about that $1.9 billion ...
In a small Ohio town, a fight over the right to knock on doors
Pakistan investigation may fuel wider fight
Business & Finance
A tropical weekend wave of sun and sand
The pendulum of redemption
French campaign takes on crime
A tax cut or rent? For unemployed it's a no-brainer
Foreign aid recast as tool to stymie terrorism
Save time and money this year
Fight terrorism by reforming Social Security
Digging into the lives of slaves
Students from here, there, and everywhere
Arafat and Sharon under siege
A 'Little Paris' by the Golden Gate
A Scottish seascape - done in oils
States tap new sources to root out tax dodgers
Wanted: more women as peace brokers
Mayors, states push school boards aside
A second (and third) look at AP tests
Mali's Muslims steer back to spiritual roots
George Washington: A national treasure
Axis of the Atlantic
In Auvers, searching for life in a haystack
A new terror-war front: the Caucasus
New plan to put bullies behind bars
Scholars get religion
High School Rankings
'Dialogue' brings hope for peace in Congo
Reporters on the Job
Czechs try to cap plastic explosives sales
Expensive weapons won't ensure security