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Monitor Archive for February 14, 2002

Your evening
Ordinal numbers and unordinary reactions
A cast of Europe's titans in Hague drama
America's black Muslims close a rift
Drug War's Marching Orders
The courage to date
What writers read when love is in the air
A cuckoo's song and bachelor birds
Business & Finance
The world was his Roach Motel
From slur to endearment?
How new faith-based bill would affect local churches
Gender vendors
The presidency needs privacy
To get at roots of war crime, prosecution isn't enough
The cultural vagaries behind ice-judging 'madness'
As US targets Iraq, key rebels balk
Spring begins to tug at my sleeve
Three Glimmers of Peace
In drug treatment vs. prison, a political shift in tone
Look who's coming to the feeder
Today's courtship: white teeth, root beer, and e-mail?
Terrorism never works, never has
Filipino police uncover 1995 leads to Sept. 11 plot
A short biography of the man with a long-term dream
Greek women trade Aphrodite for gaunt model look
Reporters on the Job
A parent learns to enjoy getting down and dirty