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Monitor Archive for December 27, 2002

A tale of 3,000 adaptations
In Europe, the case of the missing sparrows
That year, we all had nifty golf shoes
Days wane for African 'big men'
'Hours' of delight
Thailand moves to address terror threat at home
Movie Guide
How should 'Friends' end?
Taking the measure of good
A 'tough guy' tires of the typecasting
Scorsese's ultraviolent New York state of mind
Disney tries out a whole new act
Big ideas on the small screen
For this role, artist literally starved
Deepest state deficits in 50 years
All that jazz, but not much else
Since you have to get up anyway...
Business & Finance
In post-Soviet Russia, politics proves perilous profession
These furry black animals bear watching
Reporters on the Job
Al Gore in hot tub? Memorable
Has equality in sports gone too far?
What's on TV
Memories of presents past
High-Fives for Teens
A director who runs toward conflict
New frontier on inmates' rights - the Web
Rigorous Recycling
Turkey weighs role in an Iraq war
Jack of all trades, con artist bar none
A Dickens of a good time
Winter gauze delivers chaos and fun action
If you want peace, work for peace