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Monitor Archive for November 26, 2002

A nemesis no more, deficit rising
An austerity plan that hits almost everyone
In Jordan, a cleric on the run gains notoriety
The dessert melted, but the laws live on
Germany's fairy-tale road
Is that an authentic application essay, or the work of a ghostwriter?
New tactic in hunger war
Democrats battling themselves
Modern West Coast Ports
Latvia gives Russians cold shoulder
Saying 'Thank you, God'
Take the scenic route in Australia
Kidspace: Gifts from the Indians
Business & Finance
Drilled in the skills of moral reasoning
Charting the seas - sensitively
Suspected in murders, Indonesian Army stalls inquiry
Afghan filmmakers go behind, beyond the burqa
Having a wild time in Tasmania
In an age of biowarfare, US sees new role for nukes
Rights and wrongs on campus
Perspective on the threat of terrorism
Moderate Muslim voice falls silent
Truth or Dare in Japan
Reporters on the Job
Austria Rejects Hate
High school students break down some social barriers
Should IBM and others pay apartheid bill?
Before and after the Brown decision